2017 Live Music

Music Lineup
We’ve discovered that upbeat folk, bluegrass and indie rock hailing from the heart of North Carolina pairs best with Chatham County pepper dishes and cold pepper beer…

Music is always a fun part of PepperFest, so bring your lawn chairs or grab a spot on a straw bale and enjoy the spice of life!


Our headliner band is Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys! Having earned their name late night at a Michigan Bluegrass festival from a fellow picker who proclaimed, “It’s good to see you Flatbellys out here pickin with us Greybeards,” today Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys keep one foot in The Great Lakes State and the soul of Motown, and one in Music City, USA: Nashville, TN. They still embody the soul of a good late night pickin’ session, and have honed in on a sound that’s entirely their own drawing from soul, blues, folk, jazz and even a trace of techno beat. When asked what he thought about LLFBs new record, lead singer and mandolinist of the highly acclaimed band Greensky Bluegrass said, “What do I love about ‘Ionia’? Let’s keep it simple. Everything.”



The Piedmont Regulators consist of 4 Piedmont natives whose musical backgrounds can be traced to the Orange County “Delta” of Efland, N.C. The group really came together busking on the streets of Hillsborough and the surrounding triangle area. They have appeared in festivals from the sloping streets of Ashville to sandy sidewalks of Wilmington. As purveyors of vintage country/blues string band music their sound is synonymous with old timey porch pickin’ fun good for all ages. Visit their website.

More musical talent will be added as the Festival Lineup develops!

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