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Want to get crazy with Chatham County Peppers?

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PepperFest is a great chance to give 2,500+ new people a taste of your unique creations and get them excited about your restaurant, brewery, or other place of business.


Throughout  the event, people are constantly moving along and tasting everything, meeting chefs and artisans and learning about what you do.

You can educate these locavores about how you incorporate local foods into the menu at your restaurant, supporting area farms and producers.  At the same time, you are directly supporting the organic farmers in our bio-region, making a stronger future for our foodshed and our community!

Abundance NC will deliver the peppers right to your door — whatever type you are excited about working with.  We have access to a wide range, including the Tobago pepper, developed by Piedmont Biofarm’s Doug Jones.

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Mmmmmm… hominy, peppers, and cream! Yes, please.