Music Lineup

We’ve discovered that upbeat folk, bluegrass and indie rock hailing from the heart of North Carolina pairs best with Chatham County pepper dishes and cold pepper beer…

Music is always a fun part of PepperFest, so bring your lawn chairs or grab a spot on a straw bale and enjoy the spice of life!


The Stacks

the stacks


In The Stacks, Blues & Gospel collide with kitchen-party fiddle riffs and crystal clear vocals that shake the foundation of Americana music. Andy Stack (Jonah Smith, Les Nubians) and Tania Elizabeth (The Avett Brothers, The Duhks), known for their skills as backup players, share the spotlight creating a synchronistic magic carpet ride that audiences can’t help but come along for.

“…It’s a far twang from “My Old Kentucky Home” or “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”. Fragmented and dissonant, full of fragile melody and tensile strength, this music, played by Andy Stack, evokes the cracked-glass lyricism…”

~NY Times

“…Brilliant fiddle player Tania Elizabeth was one of the highlights of the festival. Elizabeth played a Celtic-inspired fiddle instrumental that was no short of mind-blowing…”

– Ed Jack, American Songwriter Magazine

“Andy Stack is more than just a singer/songwriter – he is a world-class guitarist who has written many excellent songs which he sings in a very natural, spontaneous way. He creates a palette of sound that is both sophisticated and accessible, a combination only seen in the likes of visionaries like Joni Mitchell.””

— Cary Brown

Brett Harris 

brett harris

Brett Harris is “a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Durham, NC. His first full length album, Man of Few Words, was featured by Paste magazine’s “Best of What’s Next”, NPR’s “All Songs Considered: Second Stage” and made several “Best of 2010″ lists, drawing comparisons to the music of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Harry Nilsson, and Emitt Rhodes. ”

The Grand Shell Game
we are all a part of the grand shell game. these are just some players. historians. scribes, if not for our age, then at least for their times. they sing songs of love and loss. of failure and resulting growth. of conflict and resolution, and conflicting resolutions. they borrow textures and tones from the past. they blend elements of style towards a new future. their accounting is playful and dynamic. rocking in a waltz and swaying as they roll. there is power in their arrangements. rooted in the structure of the song, yet each is given the opportunity to shine in the light of their talents. the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. this is a band. the connection is undeniable.