2014 Music

Phil Cook:


Phil Cook (Phil Cook & His Feat, Megafaun, , Gayngs, The Guitarheels) – American banjoistpianist and singer, Phil Cook is the lead of The Guitarheels and is a member of the freak-folk band Megafaun. Before he became a member of Megafaun, Cook was part of DeYarmond Edison, a band led by Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon. He also plays in the band Gayngs. Beyond his musical career, Cook works at the Center for Inquiry Based Learning at Duke University where he “assembles hands-on science kits for elementary schools.” – Wikipedia 

Tender Fruit:

Christy_barn-smTender Fruit is the music project of Christy Smith with help from Aharon Segal, Collier Reeves, James Phillips, Patrick Wolf & other clever folks. Christy likes sci-fi, learning how things work, baking without butter, reading non-fiction and watching cats bathe. She often ruminates on dreams, memories, heartache, space, the ocean and other such wonders. Her songs make you feel sad…but happy that you’re feeling sad. Here’s what the Internet says about them:

  • “‘Flotsam & Krill’ is a surprisingly seasoned, artful and tempered album. Tracks such as the spare opener ‘Like All the Rest‘ and the determined trot ‘The Truth Is’ depend more on the gestalt of atmosphere and simplicity than big events.”– Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly 
  • “Christy Smith’s debut…(is) beautifully cathartic indie folk.” – Shuffle Magazine 
  • “…when Christy Smith writes music, the result is something that will melt your heart. Her booming vocals on top of calm chord progressions induce gratifyingly depressing emotion.”   – WKNC 88.1 
  • “I heard (Polar Bear) and couldn’t stop listening. It rolls along with a country flair that is enticingly warm and natural…”   -1,146 Miles