Want to get crazy with us while promoting your sustainable product? PepperFest is a great chance to give 3,000+ new people the opportunity to get excited about your unique creations.
INFORMATIONAL TABLING (NON-VENDOR) who will not be selling any products and only providing information, including information booths, political candidates/orgs, and non-profits.  The booth fee is $75 which includes 2 event tickets and is non-refundable.

Tabling Application

PACKAGED FOOD VENDORS who will be selling their artisan-made pre-packaged products (includes any/all packaged goods, sauces, salsas) in addition to the 1,000 food samples made from $100 worth of peppers your choice.  The booth fee is $125 which includes 2 event tickets and is non-refundable.

Vendor Application

ARTISANS & OTHER NON-FOOD VENDORS who are selling non-food items.  The booth fee is $125 which includes 2 event tickets and is non-refundable.


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