2018 Drinks & Spirits

Ever wonder what Jalapeño Rauchbier tastes like? The ‘Poblañero” soda from Crude Bitters & Soda was memorable, as was Steel String’s Tobago Pepper Cask Beer. See the many ways peppers inspire brewers and distillers as they compete for Best Pepper Beer at this year’s PepperFest!






It all started with a little experiment in fermentation. Boro Beverage Company, as the name implies, strives to be your neighborhood drink choice. We are a wholesale, draft business available at a variety of local breweries, co-ops, and restuaurants around various (Boro’s, Bouroughs, Hoods). We are influenced by health, driven by sustainability and motivated by our community. Our ingredients are locally sourced when possible, made in small batches and sold in the most economical way.

We are a diverse beverage company looking to continously tap into the trends and provide local, healthy options of your favorite beverage. Whether it be kombucha, sodee-pops, tea’s, juices, ciders, or ades we are striving to concoc a local twist on a old time favorite without compromising health.






bull cityThe BULL doesn’t play by the rules. Hard cider doesn’t have to be sickeningly sweet and taste artificial. Our ciders are made with 100% apple juice and never back-sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, so you taste the apple in all its glory! Gluten-free yeast and ingredients ensure a naturally gluten-free cider. We’re crafting unique ciders that bridge the gap between wine and beer. Honey, black tea, hops, ginger, tart cherries, bacon, candy corn and hibiscus allow us to redefine cider. The BULL is bucking the trend of mainstream ciders. Taste the revolution!






Brothers Vilgalys Spirits was started in 2012 to bring Krupnikas, a traditional Lithuanian style of Spice Honey Liqueur, to America. Our Krupnikas has a delicious and complex flavor unlike any other spirit or liqueur. It is smooth enough to sip on its own, starting out with sweet honey flavors that build to a warm spicy finish. Our recipe started on our stovetop at home as a special drink we made for friends and family. We still make it the same way, using only whole spices, North Carolina wildflower honey, and pure grain neutral alcohol.







Carolina Brewery is a locally owned brewery and restaurant that has drawn international attention for its handcrafted beers, all brewed in-house by Director of Brewing Operations, Jon Connolly, and his team. Founded in Chapel Hill in 1995, Carolina Brewery is the fifth oldest brewery in North Carolina. A second brewpub, Carolina Brewery & Grill, opened in Pittsboro in 2007, greatly expanding the company’s brewing and wholesale sales capacity. The Carolina Brewery is committed to featuring North Carolina and local products whenever possible.






We make small-batch hard cider from North Carolina apples. Our cider is dry and unfiltered, with a balance of tannins and acids. We work with apple growers in the mountains to source the apples that give us the flavor profile we’re looking for. The cider is available on keg and in bottles.

Kegged cider is force-carbonated and lightly sweetened with an alcohol level between 10-12 percent.

Bottled cider is naturally sparkling through bottle fermentation and is dry with an alcohol level between 9-10 percent.







CrudeBittersLogoSmall_sodasCrude Bitters & Soda was started in 2012 with a DIY attitude and the thought that delicious cocktails and soft drinks could be improved upon. Each bitters and soda flavor is hand-made by human hands utilizing only the finest ingredients and careful attention.Crude Sodas are old-fashioned fountain sodas served via draft. The flavors are unique and crafted to be savored purely on their own, sweetened with a perfect balance of natural sugars. High fructose corn syrup is wrong and should not be in your soda pop. Crude Bitters are crafted from 100% maceration in alcohol, with no chemicals or dyes. Bitters are used to enhance a cocktail, give a slight edge to the nightcap, and bitters made with glycerin can leave your drink in ruin.






UnknownFair Game Beverage Company in Pittsboro, North Carolina produces craft wines and spirits from local farms. At the heart of our wines and spirits are the fruits, grains and juices and the people who grow them. We work hard to source high quality fruits, grains and juices directly from North Carolina and southeastern growers. In fact, nearly all of our Grape wines and Sweet Sorghum are grown and harvested by Andy and Chris, and our grains are grown and malted right here in the Piedmont. We study the old hand crafted methods of Portugal, Italy and Cognac, France to bring world class wine and spirits to Chatham County, North Carolina. Come visit us for a tour of the distillery and wine tasting.








Fullsteam is a Durham, NC production brewery and tavern inspired by the food and farm traditions of the South. Our mission: to pioneer the art of Distinctly Southern Beer. We brew traditional and experimental beers with a Southern sensibility, often incorporating local farmed goods, heirloom grains, and seasonal botanicals to guide our beer and our quest. The more we buy local, the more we directly improve the quality of life of NC farmers, foragers, and agricultural entrepreneurs. We seek no less than to build a Southern Beer Economy…one pint at a time.








Durham, NC’s own micro Kombucha company. Crafted in small batches with lots of love! www.facebook.com/homebucha











A place for all things bees, honey, herbs and flowers. We make hand crafted meads, which are wines made with honey using botanicals and flowers. For an experience of nature unlike any other.









Refreshing craft cider from Southern heirloom and modern apple varieties grown on in our orchards and other family farms in central North Carolina.








Mystery Brewing Company‘s mission has been to produce seasonally appropriate, hand-made, artisanal ales and lagers. We Stand By Our Core Values: Creativity, Innovation, & ExperimentationWe like to make new things, innovate new styles and flavor combinations, and favor experimentation over bland retreads.  We’re not afraid to try new things, and we’d rather lead than follow. We value the many facets of our communities, whether that’s beautiful Hillsborough, our community of brewers, or the individual communities we all belong to.  At Mystery all are welcome. We believe that there’s no better way to appreciate something than to learn about it.  Not only do we strive to learn and grow in our own crafts, we encourage education and growth in others in our community. We will never settle for less, we strive to make the best beer and food we can. We want to have fun.  We want you to have fun.  Fun is important.







In 2013, we started with a small dream: to make an all-American version of a Scottish spiced whisky liqueur. It had to be great on its own yet play well with others. And, we had to be proud to introduce people to it.

After many hundreds of versions, experimenting with different combinations of botanicals and sweeteners, we discovered the perfect combination: a nine-spice tea with a touch of wildflower honey blended into a 45% wheat bourbon. From a stovetop creation, we scaled up production in leased facilities and jumped in the car to begin introducing Mystic to people throughout the Southeast.








TOPO Organic Spirits at our facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.We are the only fully local and USDA certified organic distillery in the South. Our vodka, gin, whiskey are world-class, award-winning selections that celebrate making great spirits from the finest ingredients available right here in our home state.









Simply put, we are a brewery and restaurant built by neighbors, for neighbors. Located in the heart of Carrboro, NC next to Cat’s Cradle, we offer over 10 of our craft beers which we brew on-site as well as a locally focused farm-to-bar food menu. At the heart of our core values is giving back to the neighborhood and community in which we get to live our passion. With our “Brewing Neighbors” program, we select one beer each month where 10% of sales goes to support a local charitable organization. To see this month’s “Brewing Neighbors” pint, check out our homepage. We hope we get to share our passion of tasty craft beer and incredible food with you! Come see us! Cheers!