2021 EMCEE!

Thank you to our Emcee for participating in Pepperfest 2021 food and beverage competition!

2021 EMCEE!

John Hites, Emcee

The culinary aptitude of Johnny Hites is made up of half-remembering family recipes, struggling to follow video tutorials, and getting “rotisserie” wrong in a fourth-grade spelling bee.

Born outside of London, England then raised outside of Fayetteville, NC in a Filipino community along other first-generation immigrants, Johnny’s takes experiences as both an outsider and enthusiastic participant. His deepest connections to his heritage involve taking instructions for cultural dishes that passed through observation in the family kitchen, adding his own variations, then sharing them with loved ones. A desire to share joy fuels Johnny be it through food, storytelling, travel, bombastic karaoke performances, or just sitting around with friends discussing the merits of different types of french fries.

He currently resides in Raleigh where he writes, dabbles in making cuisine shared with him through friends of different cultural backgrounds, and procrastinates putting away the clean laundry.