Electric Vehicle Show

Part of Abundance NC’s mission began with renewable energy education.  This year, we are adding a feature to PepperFest:  a Drive Electric Week Meetup with the help of
Triad Electric Vehicle Association
Chatham County Climate Change Advisory Committe and
EVHELP Guy, Gary Thompson!

Volunteers will be bringing a wide variety of  electric vehicles (EVs) along with EV experts so you can explore what it is really like to own a Plug-In EV!  Bring your questions on costs, environmental benefit, and financial incentives for becoming part of the world wide transition away from fossil fuel powered transportation.

The 2019 Drive Electric Meetup will be located in the parking lot northwest of the Chatham County courthouse, near the music and toy store.

An updated listing of plug-in vehicles is included at the Drive Electric Week, Pittsboro web page. The following volunteers are scheduled to have their vehicles  on display at the parking lot NW of the circle:

Tesla Model S  | Keith McLaurin
Nissan Leaf+  | John Graybeal
Chevy Bolt  | Kyle Shipp
BMW i3  | Ian Thomas
Chevy Volt  | John Delafield
Kia Niro PHEV  | Mark S & Julie W
Nissan Leaf gen1  | Gary Thompson
Pacifica PHEV  | John Bonitz
Energica Eva  | Chris Maxwell
Tesla Model 3  | Jane Simms

Special thanks to:


National Drive Electric Week is September 14–22!