2019 Pepper Farmers!

The reason we are here: to celebrate and thank our local farmers!

PepperFest started years ago as a taste test for Piedmont Biofarm ‘s new pepper varieties that farmer Doug Jones was developing to be well adapted for the N.C. climate. Since then, it’s grown quite a bit, and many more farmers have gotten involved, growing Doug’s pepper varieties as well as others that do well in N.C.

We are partnering with small NC farms to purchase their peppers for the Chef’s pepper dishes. Thank you to these sustainable farms and farmers for their work in strengthening our local foodshed and providing peppers for PepperFest!






This is Heart Song Farm’s first year of large scale vegetable production! Thanks to this fabulous new farm for contributing peppers to our 2019 PepperFest!







Honey Bee Hills Farm is located in Prospect Hill, NC. We provide fresh certified organic produce, honey, eggs, and all kinds of pepper products for our local markets.





BIG thanks to Farouche Pepper Farm for contributing to our 2019 PepperFest!









MANY thanks to Pepperosa Farm for growing peppers for our 2019 Pepperfest!





We are a small, family farm located in Pittsboro, NC. The farm is worked by Ben Shields & Patricia Parker. We often have the help of CSA members, other volunteers & interns around here & for that we are grateful!

We not only grow everything that we sell/offer through CSA, we start everything but our strawberry plants from seed ourselves.  About half of our seeds are heirloom & none are GMO.




Our 10 acre farm is Certified Organic through Quality Certification Services, QCS. Your family can rest assured that we follow the practices outlined by the National Organic Program, which includes: extensive cover cropping to rebuild our soils, using only GMO-free seeds, planting beneficial insect attracting flowers and herbs around the farm,  and the use of all-natural products to insure proper plant health and farmer health.






Granite Springs Farm

Granite Springs Farm is located 6 miles north of Pittsboro, NC off Highway 87 in Chatham County. We are a market farm and CSA, growing vegetables and mushrooms without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We also supply produce to several local restaurants.



Copeland Springs Farm

We steward the land at Copeland Springs Farm in beautiful Pittsboro, NC to grow the healthiest produce we can. We prepare delicious farm-fresh meals at Copeland Springs Kitchen to nourish our Community.






Shore Farm Organics

the sole intent of providing organic grown produce for the Winston-Salem & Yadkin Valley region. Nathan has married his passion and extensive industry experience in order to specialize in all organic produce for consumers and organizations that value earth friendly produce and plants.




Earth’s Turn Farm

We will grow much of our food using sustainable practices. Members may develop CSA programs, supply local restaurants, Farmers’ Markets, etc. Permaculture design, aquaponics, season extension, and other innovative practices are encouraged. Members’ passions and skills, and mutual agreements, will determine other activities – livestock; educational programs, wood products; value-added food products – are just a few possibilities. These projects may be owned by individuals, groups of members, or by the community as a whole.  Doug Jones has over 40 years of experience in organic farming, season extension, seed saving, and plant breeding for local conditions. He has mentored many developing farmers and served on the Sustainable Agriculture faculty of Central Carolina Community College.