2021 Pepper Farmers!

The reason we are here: to celebrate and thank our local farmers!

PepperFest started years ago as a taste test for Piedmont Biofarm ‘s new pepper varieties that farmer Doug Jones was developing to be well adapted for the N.C. climate. Since then, it’s grown quite a bit, and many more farmers have gotten involved, growing Doug’s pepper varieties as well as others that do well in N.C.

We are partnering with small NC farms to purchase their peppers for the Chef’s pepper dishes. Thank you to these sustainable farms and farmers for their work in strengthening our local foodshed and providing peppers for PepperFest!


This is Heart Song Farm’s first year of large scale vegetable production! Thanks to this fabulous new farm for contributing peppers to our 2019 PepperFest!


BIG thanks to Farouche Pepper Farm for contributing to our 2019 PepperFest!


We grow 50+ types of organic produce and flowers year-round, including our signature organic spring salad mix and seasonal favorites like strawberries and tomatoes. We also bring you treats from our state-inspected kitchen like candied peppers and syrups.

Granite Springs Farm

Granite Springs Farm is located 6 miles north of Pittsboro, NC off Highway 87 in Chatham County. We are a market farm and CSA, growing vegetables and mushrooms without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We also supply produce to several local restaurants.

Kindred Seedlings Farm

Kindred Seedlings started as an act of anti-racism. Given that there are not many Black, woman farmers in Alamance County, LaShauna Austria was inspired to do something. Her business began as a seedling business in the dining room of her home. This led to a partnership with the Elon University Love Business School, which helped LaShauna to really think about how Kindred could be beneficial to Alamance and surrounding areas. Eventually, culinary herbs were added to the list of products sold. All of this was done with a quarter-acre piece of property in a suburban back yard- it doesn’t take a lot of land to be able to grow something!

Mother’s Finest Urban Farm

On a journey in the world of beekeeping, farming, wellness and to preserve and secure community survival. It takes one of many to stand up as a nation.

Our Farm operates with a pure hearts, clear minds, safe methods and supports our customers with quality products.

Thus, in the current state of these perilous times all families must work diligently to maintain health, unification, support and infrastructure. Remain focused my friends, take the time to exhibit true love to one another for time is Precious.